About Us

We are a group of international students who have just went through this journey. AND WE MADE IT! We succeeded, we completed our education, we received residencies, made families and found jobs in new countries. We are blessed that now we are able to look back and start finding ways on how to support others who are going through this experience in this very moment. We know that we were not able to do this alone without people who were helping us along way. We want to be part of the group who will be helping you and facilitating connections.

We want to share stories, encouragements, practical advices around funding,  academic challenges and visa application. We know that the most challenging times of becoming and being international students are periods of getting admission, getting visa and finding funding for tuition and travelling. We know that once those stressors are eliminated other challenges become just part of life. We are here to hold your hand through all of that. We are not rich and we do not have money. But we will use our rich platform to CONNECT, CONNECT and CONNECT. You are not alone! We do have access to experts and consultants as well as we have access to scholarship information that we want to share.

Explore our web site to learn more about us. Provide us with a feedback so that we can improve our work and be more helpful. Ask us questions! Please note that we are not providing scholarships (yet!!!) but our goal is to become a foundation one day and to be able to do that.

Welcome to our web site and we wish you a safe journey as international student.

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