Apply: Welsh Government Wales for Africa Grant Scheme 2020

The Welsh Government Wales for Africa Grant Scheme will enable community groups and organizations throughout Wales to access funding for small-scale Wales-Africa projects. Up to £230,000 is available per year, with an annual minimum of £50,000 dedicated to health activities.

Application Deadline: 4th May 2020.

Eligibility: Funding will be allocated under 4 thematic areas:

  • Sharing of knowledge and skills between health institutions in Wales and Africa
  • Supporting healthcare professionals in Africa to access small scale training and support from Wales; and
  • Supporting communities in Wales and Africa to access to more equitable, quality healthcare

Sustainable Livelihoods  – projects that work to tackle financial poverty, enabling economic resilience in families and supporting small-scale enterprise and employment:

  • Community-led, income generating cooperatives that have benefit to Wales and Africa
  • Engaging the Welsh public through Fair Trade campaigns, advocacy or policy
  • Activities that bring the Welsh consumer closer to the producer in a sustainable way
  • Support to small scale Sub Saharan African agricultural projects and grassroots income generating activities

Lifelong Learning  – projects that support individuals and groups in Wales and/or Africa to develop new skills and knowledge:

  • Linking communities in Wales with communities in Africa to develop mutual understanding of global development and international issues;
  • Supporting the educational needs of disadvantaged children in Africa and sharing that experience with school pupils in Wales, contributing to their global education; and
  • Supporting people in Africa to learn practical/vocational/artistic skills to improve their livelihoods.

Climate Change and Environment – strategic and practical climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives using Welsh expertise:

  • Projects which enable the use of renewable energy in Africa;
  • Projects engaging people in Wales with climate change issues as they affect Africa;
  • Work aiming to support African partners in implementing sustainable development practices.

Type: Grants

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: Grants available in this round are for main grants of between £5,000 and £20,000. These applications must fit under one of the four thematic areas. There will be a one-step application for this value of grant and projects must be completed within one calendar year. The earliest start date for a project is 4 May 2020.

How to Apply: The application process for this round is an application form and a project profile, you can download both forms from this webpage.

Please ensure you read all the guidance in the WFA Small grants scheme guidance prior to completing the application form. If you require project developmental support, please contact Hub Cymru Africa. If you have a question about the application process, please email or call WCVA on 0300 111 0124.

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