Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students:
Apply now for Latest Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students. Scawab Scholarship International Network updates you on the Latest Fully-Funded Scholarships Abroad, Conferences, Symposiums, Academic Summit, Student Exchanges and more.

We connect students with Latest opportunities for International Students to enable them study abroad.  We constantly update our website so as to help you connect to the many resources that different schools have. From conferences to symposiums to academic summits and student exchange programs. We assure you that you are going to find something that you want more information on when you search our updates on

Here at Scawab, we understand that finding student scholarship opportunities may not be a walk in the park, and applying for these scholarships can be even more challenging. But do not fret, this is where we come in to help. We have provided helpful tips below to help you understand the challenges of applying for scholarships.

Applying to study abroad is not an easy or fast process. It requires time, energy, financial means, determination, seriousness and support. Sometimes it can last several years, so do not panic, just hang in there.
The most important is to keep going. We are here to help you with the process
Before you are guaranteed scholarship, you will ALMOST always be required to be admitted to the school, university or program. Be aware that choosing schools and submitting applications, as well as paying application fees is on you. Again, we can help with some of that with packages we are offering to serious candidates.
There are many many scholarships with different requirements and deadlines. We provide newsletters to keep you updated. We also offer free advice on application and provide consulting later with minimum fee. Please keep visiting the list of scholarships on our website as we are updating them daily
You are not alone. We went through this and we share our experiences. Visit our blog to hear from other students and academics.
Again, we only work with serious candidates.
Please note that we are not the one that are giving scholarships or make decisions about university admission. We are here to guide you and inform you and help you increase your chances of been admitted or awarded scholarship. We offer different services that are suitable to everybody’s needs and means. At the end, several years ago, we were right there at your spot.
Do bear in mind that we update you on your scholarship application every step of the way. That way, you are in the know as regards the progress of your application.

There is the light at the end of tunnel. And we will be here holding your hand so that you do not feel alone.

Below is the list of Packages available to Students:

FULL UNIVERSITY ADMISSION PACKAGE (with your help in providing information): 150 USD (48 h before deadline: 250 USD; 24h before deadline 500 USD)

2. FULL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PACKAGE (with your help in providing information): 100 USD (48 h before deadline: 200 USD; 24h before deadline 400 USD

Editing, proof reading, grammar correction of SCHOLARSHIP or SCHOOL ADMISSION packages: 30-70 USD (depending on structure, length, complexity – subject to discussion)

Writing motivational letters (with your help in providing information): 10 USD

Writing CV (Curriculum Vitae): 10 USD

Editing, proof reading, grammar correction of letters (CV, motivation letters): 6 USD

Phone consultations: 1 dollar per minute with 10 minutes minimum (10 USD prepayment)

Email consultations: subject to discussion (you might be referred to phone conversation)

Free for serious candidates: we will explore scholarships in your specific university or area of studying (by program and location)

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