We are starting a new series “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” to connect as many international students as possible. Life is much easier when you feel and know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Coming to another country to study can be exciting but often lonely process, especially in those first months after you arrive. You often feel lonely not knowing YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. It is hard to hear these real stories from students who experienced what you are going through right now because where to find them? Many international students would like to know what are the some difficulties and how to overcome them. Many international students would like to have somebody to ask.

With this series we want to encourage everybody to share their stories. We want to hear about your experiences that encounter living situations, searching scholarships, socializing, dating, discrimination, climate differences, travelling and coming abroad, positive examples of local people who helped you, navigating through communities, funny experiences, shocking experiences, anything and everything. We want to laugh, cry, solve and go through it together. We want this platform to be a place where we can connect, vent and even ask for help. We are in this together.

Not just that. We will have a drawing every month for a 50 dollar gift card for Amazon, Netflix, groceries, etc. We hope as time passes and we grow (which will happen) that this prize will becomes bigger. To enter a draw that will happen every 25 in the month please send us your stories to our email: with subject line: story entry

Important note: it will be your decision how you want us to publish your name. We are completely fine if you want to remain anonymous.

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