Colleges With Zero application Fees.

Finding Colleges with No Application Fees

The dream of gaining admission and scholarship offers from a desired University and program of choice is most at times shattered by application fees. Application fees are barriers to getting that desired scholarship and admission especially amongst the poor and middle-class students especially those from developing countries.

Averagely application fees range from$50-75 which is a huge some for fresh secondary school leavers and graduates to afford. The pain of losing a scholarship or admission opportunity by reason of application fees is undescribable as many live in regrets and anger of not been able to afford the fees or affording it before the deadlines.

In this article, we have listed a good number of colleges from  Europe and Asia without application fees. Hope it enhances your chances of getting your dreams fulfilled. Good luck.


Royal Roads University

It is possible to get undergraduate and postgraduate degrees here. It welcomes all interested international students who would like to study tourism, management, law, business, communications or environmental sciences.

 Mount Allison University

Foreigners are welcomed in this higher educational institution to study at the Faculty of Arts, Science or Social Sciences. There is a huge number of courses you can study in this university.

Unlike many other universities in Canada that charge an application fee, Mount Allison University allows international students to apply online for free.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

It is another Canadian university without an application fee. You can fill out its online application form and provide your documents without paying a penny if you choose to apply online. This is the only method of application when the institution is willing to waive your application fee.

Quest University

International students can apply for free. You just need to follow the application deadline, so it is better to choose the faculty beforehand.

This is a private university that loves accepting international students from all over the world.

Booth University College

This is a private university. You can choose their different programs and apply them at no cost.

2. Germany

RWTH Aachenis is the leading engineering University in Germany

The second most funded University in Germany with no application fees. It is known for its proximity to industry and has carved out a name for its employers reputation.

3. China.

China is a destination worthy for studies and has a lot of application fees free colleges

Dalian University of technology

Liaoning state China

Chongqing University

Jiangsu University

Capital normal University

North Western polytechnical University

Nanjing University

Sichuan University

Southeast University

Shandong University

Tianjin University

Fujian University

Harbin engineering University

Yanshan University

Northeast normal University

Shaanxi normal University

Zeijang University


University of Twente

University of Wageningen

5. Belgium

University of Ghent

6. Australia

Victoria University

Applications into Victoria University can be done either directly to the university (either online or in-person), or through an education agent. However, to benefit from the application fee waiver, students must apply online through the link provided at the University website.

RMIT University

International students can also apply to RMIT University without an application fee. However, the application fee waiver is only applicable to students from countries classified as low risk. Students from high-risk countries will have to pay an application fee.

Bond University

Applying to Bond University is easy and free for international students. In fact, the university waives the application fee for international students who apply online.

Bond University

Application into Charles Darwin University can be done in two ways either through an agent or online. However, the application fee waiver is only applicable to the online application.

The University also offers scholarships to international students. Interested candidates can submit their scholarship applications alongside their online application.

 University of South Australia

The University of South Australia is one of the institutions in Australia without an application fee. Just like every other university in Australia, the application can be done either via an agent or online.

International students can apply to the University of South Australia without an application fee is they apply online.

The University of Notre Dame Australia does not charge an application fee from international students. Applications can be done either online or agent or in-person to the University.

In fact, entry into the University of Notre Dame Australia is based on personal qualities, motivation to study and academic potential. International students will also have to meet the academic and language requirements. Additionally, applicants will be interviewed by the academic staff of the university.

University of Wollongong Australia

The University of Wollongong Australia is one of the universities in Australia that does not charge an application fee from international students. Applications to the University of Wollongong Australia can be done in a number of ways. However, to be a beneficiary of the no-application fee policy, you need to apply online.

7. USA

The smith college

The Smith college is one of the universities in the United States without application fees it welcomes 350 students from around the world yearly

It was founded in 1795. It is an application free University

Grinnell college

It is an application free university in the United States but highly selective with students from different backgrounds.

University of South Maine

Formally they charged for applications but recently they made an official statement indicating that they no longer charge for application both for undergraduate and graduate programs for both state and international students.

Rhodes college

It is one of the universities in the United States that doesn’t demand application fees for both domestic and international students yet it’s highly selective with an acceptance rate of 51%.

There are other interesting colleges that don’t charge application fees  but I trust u can exhaust this list of university colleges without getting your desired University and program of choice.

Cheers!! U are getting closer to fulfilling your dreams of studying in your dream University and dream program.

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