How to find supervisor or professor for masters and phd scholarships

The passionate and energetic international students who want to pursue their education in countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Australia etc need to contact universities supervisors or professors for scholarships grants.They have to find their course related supervisors first and then they have to contact them.

How to Find Supervisors or Professor:-

In this article, we will tell you a different methods that how to find supervisor or professor for Masters and PHD scholarship grants.

Method 1:

In the first method find the list of universities, you want to apply for by writing your query in google like “Universities in Australia”, “Universities in South Korea”, “Universities in Germany” or by writing “Scholarships in Australia“, “Scholarships in Germany” etc.

Scholarships for International students

After that, you will get the list of all universities there. You can choose the university by opening each link on the google.

Method 2:

In the second method, first of all, finalize your area of interest, you can finalize your area of interest by looking at your final year project, subject in which you are best, some already done research or some tool in your field that you think you are best. For example you have done Bachelor in software engineering and your favourite subject is Software Engineering so find universities that are offering scholarships in software engineering field by writing in google and find as many keywords as you can from them related to software engineering like software quality assurance, software testing, software requirement engineer and then search on google to find the universities.

scholarships for pakistani students

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Method 3:

Open google and write the research area of your interest with some university name whom you have already found out in the first point given above.

how to find supervisor for scholarships

Through all the above-mentioned method that how to find supervisor or professor for postgraduate scholarships, you will get the results from Google about the universities and departments. Open the link one by one and check the faculty of each university of your related interest. For example, through the first method, i found the universities list and I open university of Sydney website. On their website, i searched a faculty page

How to contact supervisor for postgraduate scholarships

On the faculty page, i got a list of university faculty departments and I opened a department related to my interest and then I got a complete list of faculty. I started checking each faculty member and note down their contact information.

How to find faculty member of university

Through these methods, you can easily find professors or supervisor of your field for Master or PHD scholarship grants and pursue your study in world best universities.

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  1. Would you please tell me how to contact professor i mean how we can send effective email or message to them so that they won’t get angry?

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