Q: What does Scawab do?

A: We offer the following services:

Job Application and Placements
Scholarship Application
Salary Negotiation
Relocation Services
Visa Services (optional)

Please check: https://www.scawab.com/terms-of-service/ for a better understanding of our services.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: Our process is easy and straightforward. Register on our website, follow the prompt, and we will get back to you in less than 2 hours. Please, make sure you read our Terms of Service here: https://www.scawab.com/terms-of-service/ and be sure you agree before you proceed.

Q: How long does the process take from when I make payment to when the service I pay for is delivered?

A: It depends on the service and the timeline. For scholarships, the timeline rests with the schools, but we will communicate it to you. For job placements, it takes between 2 and 4 months. Please read our Terms of Service before proceeding.

Q: Who pays for my flight after I get the admission, scholarship, or job?

A: You bear the cost of your flight after getting the scholarship, admission or job. However, your job contract may state that your flight fee will be reimbursed upon arrival at duty post, this is entirely dependent on the Job role and also your contract.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If before 48 hours of making payment you decide you are no longer interested in our services, we will be happy to offer a full refund. We will offer no refund after 48 hours as our team would have immediately begun the work for which you have paid. Please read the refund policy here: https://www.scawab.com/refund-policy/ before proceeding

Q: How will you get my information?

A: We’ve designed our introductory questionnaire to get the necessary information we need. The questionnaire should only take a few minutes to complete.

Q: How do I apply for jobs or admission to any of the schools?

A: Please complete the application form here: https://www.scawab.com/signup/

Q: Do you also help to apply for masters degree programs?

A: Yes. We have a limited number of Master’s degree programs. Please send an email to hello@scawab.com for more information.

Q: I want to immigrate to Canada. Can you help me?

A: Yes. But we will first need to conduct an assessment to find out if you are eligible. Please send an email to hello@scawab.com for more information

Q: Where are you located and how can I contact you?

A: We are located in Vancouver, Canada. We have offices in the USA, Canada and in the continent of Africa. You can easily reach us by email (hello@scawab.com) or phone at 1-800-933-6341.

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