Fully funded PHD scholarships for international students in Australia

The University of Newcastle is offering Fully funded PHD scholarships for international students.The scholarships are available for students who want to investigate mechanism underlying myopia under the supervision of Associate Professor Sally McFadden.The Newcastle university is very good place for international students to study in Australia.

University of Newcastle Australia:-

The University of Newcastle, Australia, is a leader in university education, with a reputation for high-quality teaching and learning, and exciting, contemporary academic programs. Students have access to researchers who are leaders in their field and graduate ready to make an impact across the globe.The University of Newcastle Ranked in the top 250 of the world’s universities, 

fully funded scholarships for international students

The University of Newcastle is offering Research Masters and PHD degrees for international students at all major campuses.The University of Newcastle is proud of its international student body. Of the 40,000 students enrolled in the university, over 7,000 originate from over 100 countries outside Australia.

What is Myopia:-

Myopia (short-sightedness) is a soaring problem and is now a leading cause of blindness. It is caused by accelerated eye growth. Spectacles can partially correct sight, but do not stop the progression towards blindness caused by the enlarged eye. There are currently no reliable treatments. Projects in the Vision Sciences group investigate possible treatments and underlying causes using animals models, imaging methods and some clinical work.

Research related to Myopia:-

A range of different research projects are available and would be tailored to the background and interests of the international applicant. Methods may include material science, drug development, optics, optical engineering, programming, molecular or anatomical techniques, immunohistochemistry, genetics and/or clinical ophthalmology/optometry.

About Professor Sally McFadden:-

A mathematician in the School of Psychology, and Head of the Vision Sciences Group in the HMRI, Sally McFadden has dedicated over 30 years to Vision Science.

scholarships for international students

A neuroscientist and neuropsychologist by training, Sally’s quest to understand the eye began almost by accident. “I was working on visual pathways in the brain which allow us to see in 3D and our manipulations changed the eye itself – I thought I had better make sure I knew what was going on in the eye, otherwise I couldn’t work out what signals were going into the brain.”

“So I sank down into the retina, fell in love with the eye, and never emerged.”

Sally’s research expertise in the area of Vision Science covers a range of methods including mathematical, physiological, psychophysics, optical, imaging, biological, surgical, immunohistochemistry, molecular and gene analysis, plus tissue engineering.

“We are interested in the neurobiology underlying ocular disorders,” Sally says.

Sally has made a large contribution to Vision Science, being involved in the groundbreaking discovery that myopia is visually mediated as opposed to genetic. She also developed a mammalian model of myopia that is now utilised globally to conduct research in this field.

Fully Funded Scholarship detail:-

  1.  The University of Newcastle with the collaboration of professor Sally is offering $26,682 value scholarship per annum in 2017 to foreign students, indexed in January each year.
  2. The period of scholarships is 3 years with the probability of a six-month extension.

PHD Entry Requirement:-

The International students require a four-year bachelor degree, Additional postgraduate research training (such as a Masters degree with a significant research component) may also be considered.

Applicants whose first language is not English are required to demonstrate meeting the University’s English proficiency policy. The most common method of meeting this is an IELTS score of 6.5 overall and no subtest below 6.0. In addition to academic eligibility, offers of admission are made dependent upon there being an appropriate supervisory capacity to oversee the proposed research and resources to support it.

Fully funded scholarship Application Procedure:-

The international students are advised to contact Associate Professor Sally McFadden. Details are given below.

Contact: Associate Professor Sally McFadden
Ph: +61 2 49215643


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Application Deadline:-

The application deadline for fully funded PHD scholarships for international students is 18th August 2017.

Scholarship Location:-

The University of Newcastle Australia.

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