Fully Funded 2020 Lapland University Scholarship in Finland


The University of Lapland in Finland invites applications from international students to apply for the fully-funded scholarship. The University of Lapland is an international, multidisciplinary university whose areas of expertise include Arctic affairs and tourism research.

As a research-based higher education institution, its teaching and research facilities offer students and scholars the opportunity to pursue academic excellence, at all levels. Though it has the primary goal to educate these future professionals and researchers, it also promotes a culturally sound environment to foster diverse ideas. For more, click here.

Moreover, the University of Lapland provides a number of fully-funded scholarships to domestic as well as international students. With its scholarship scheme, all the students enrolling in the master’s program qualify for a partial scholarship. Since these are academic-based scholarships, with improving academic excellence, one is eligible for a full scholarship.


All students subject to tuition fees and starting their studies in autumn 2019 will receive a scholarship of €4,800. In addition, one-fourth of the students admitted will receive a scholarship covering 100 % of the tuition, and one-fourth a scholarship covering 80 % of the tuition.

  • One-fourth students will receive a full scholarship of €8,000 (100%).
  • One-fourth students will receive a partial scholarship of €6,400 (80%).
  • Two-fourth students will receive a partial scholarship of €4,800

In order to retain the waiver, the student must complete at least 55 credits in an academic year. The scholarship system will also serve as an incentive. It is possible to earn a 100 % waiver for the second year of studies by completing at least 60 credits of courses included in the degree requirements in an academic year.

However, students must note that amounts can be subject to annual change.


All students required to pay tuition fees may apply for a scholarship as part of the admission process. Lapland University provides the scholarship on the basis of academic merit. Further, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s level degree in a relevant field of study
  • Language Requirements: A good command of the English language for academic purposes
  • A complete application form

Scholars may apply for the Scholarships on the application for a study place. There is no need to fill out any additional forms. The University of Lapland Scholarship is payable in the form of a tuition waiver.

How To Apply

There is no need for a separate application for the scholarship. You may apply for the scholarship while applying for a study place at the University. Applications and the criteria are specific to the postgraduate program at the University of Lapland. Further, a study place and hence the scholarship is guaranteed in the University of Lapland if a student meets the eligibility criteria.

To apply, the students must fill up an online application form before the deadline.


The 2020 Lapland University Scholarship application will start in December 2019.

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