Interested in Fully Funded Scholarships? How Prepared Are You?

Many want to study abroad but finance has often been the barrier to getting this dream fulfilled. Scholarships appear to be the only means through which these dreams can be fulfilled. But the question remains how prepared are u for these opportunities.

There are a number of outstanding scholarship opportunities out there but only a few students benefit from these opportunities, I call them the ” lucky few” lucky here talks of their preparation meeting the right opportunities. In this article, I will be given u some interesting tips on how u can evaluate your level of preparation and maximizing your chances of getting a scholarship.

1. Get to Work Searching

Searching for the scholarship can be very tough and frustrating especially with many fake links, websites, and scammers out there. But the question is? how do you search for scholarship, start by checking out organizations, foundations and government programs that offer scholarships especially like Chevening, DAAD, Fulbright amongst others?

Get to the organization website and get exact information like the deadline and application process. Get your mindset to read long and boring information but be sure to extract the relevant details from the dust.

2. Pinpoint and Write Down Your Discoveries

A wise man said the shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory. After searching you make out time to write down the scholarship details, deadline, and other relevant information patterning to scholarship search u did and depending on your interest. ie the type of scholarship ( fully or partially funded), courses offered, requirements, acceptance rate, etc all this should be clearly noted in a book as they will guide you in your application process.

3. Contact Alumni/ Professors for Advice.

Most at times, this section is often ignored by most applicants may be due to ignorance or simple neglect on their part. This section is very helpful as u get first-hand information and experiences about the scholarship u are planning on applying, the challenges, how to arrange your application documents and how to prepare for interviews in cases requiring interviews. This is a sure easy way to get u on a safer side of maximizing your chances of obtaining a scholarship.

4. Prepare Required Documents

Preparing the required documents isn’t an easy task especially writing the motivation letter which most often is the most difficult part. One key to unlocking this nut is to let your motivation letters relate and align clearly with the intended course of study and also with the objectives of the scholarship awarding body and prove a commitment to giving back to your home country and the world at Large.

Hope is article was helpful to u and advance your dream of getting a scholarship. Best of luck stay tuned as I will be bringing updates on another interesting topic to advance your scholarship dreams. For more opportunities like this, click here.

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