College Room And Board Rate Comparison and Reviews for 2020

What Do You Need to Know About Room and Board?

College Room and board decision is one of the essential factors that a prospective student should consider before making the decision for where to go for college. We conducted a comprehensive review of room and board across the country and have come up with these projections for 2019 school year.

As the school year is slowly rounding off for the long-awaited holiday break, a new group of college-bound seniors takes their time to begin their quest of finding the ideal college, offered options, expenses, and other incentives of college before they finally settle for one.

Edmit wrote about the details that are included in a room and board agreement. In our review of this 2020 room and board, we found that more light needs to be shed for those who are considering room and board. 

It is important to know the details of what sort of room and board you plan on getting. However, a more important factor you should consider would be, how much you know of what room and board actually mean? Questions about the cost of room and board abound, and many students still would like to know if the cost is part of tuition, or even included in scholarships?

Collegeboard throws more lights about these costs and what to expect. It simply refers to a room to live in, and food for sustenance, which the students can, in turn, offer some form of services in exchange for. However, this does not apply in all cases.

According to The Scholarship Systems, room and boarding simply mean room and food for the belly. Whichever way you decide to look at it, the concept of room and board has not changed much from its inception.

How Much Does Board Usually Cost?

1. Varies By the School

Indeed it varies by school. For instance, if you choose to attend a private school, you should expect to pay more. For the past academic year, the 2018/2019 cost for room and board was on average way more expensive compared to public schools. Upen, for instance, used a unique system that projects costs for a two-bedroom apartment in a period of nine months. This projection helps to calculate the estimate costs especially given the semester within the nine months time frame.

Pros of room and board

  • You get the basics for fewer costs
  • You can adjust to your pocket
  • Students decide on how to decorate
  • You can renew easily when due
  • Upgrade when necessary

Cons of room and board

  • You get locked into your agreement
  • Students may be far away from the campus
  • You have little or no room to include other stuff you may have
  • Not suitable for expansion within the semester timeframe

2. Is Opting for Room and Board Cost Effective For College Student?

The efficiency expected with room and board, especially as touching costs, has to do with the choice that the student decides to go with. If your choice is a private school, then do not expect to pay the average cost that a student attending public school would.

According to Unigo, these are some factors to look out for in determining what to look out for when it comes to finding a suitable room and board. The different factors, from the location to the size of the area, the convenience provided, such as laundry, dishwashers, meals, cable, and other entertainment options can definitely make a huge difference.

3. Ways to Make Room and Board Work

If your preference is to go the room and board route, then finding ways to make it work for you would be the right route to go. One factor to consider in your quest to make room and board work for you should be your priority. Here are a few things to look out for when you want to cover costs –

Ways to Pay for Board and Room

  • Scholarships: This is one good way to pay for your room and board expenses. Fully funded scholarships would usually cover the costs of room and board and other living expenses. Taking advantage of the scholarships offered by colleges would be a very good decision that can positively impact your decision.
  • Student jobs: Getting a part-time job can help to supplement your income. Though, in many cases, the expenses for many of the costs associated with room and board may have been included in the total tuition paid to the school, however, having extra is not a bad idea.
  • Offer Services: Freelance services are becoming quite popular with students these days, and having a system like this to help you reach those who are looking for your services can be easily reached. Services from editing, to content curation, social media management and much more, can all be used to your advantage.
  • Roommates: The option of finding roommates can help to create a balanced view of what expectations college students can have, especially first-year students or transfer students. Finding a platform where you can get other roommates that can help split costs can be very beneficial in more ways than one.

4. Should You Stay on Campus or Off-Campus

The decision to stay close or far from campus is an essential one that colleges students would have to make according to College Choice. Many students choose the option of staying close to campus for many reasons. One of which includes access to events happening on campus without having to be mobile or depending on public transit.

To make an informed decision as to where to stay, you should consider the campus culture. What percentage of students stay on campus? What would the ideal decision by considering factors such as costs and convenience amongst other essentials factors such as location and transportation? The decision is entirely yours to make.

5. Making the Final Decision for Room and Board

In conclusion, the decision for what option of room and board you should go for is entirely left for the student in question to make. By and large, finding ways that work for one student who attends a public school, of course not saying that private schools are generally better for room and board or other aspects of college education, or vice versa. In the end, you get to meet your decision as to what works for your individuality.

We have listed the factors to look out for. If you follow our guide, you would be well-positioned to make an informed decision considering costs, convenience, location, and efficiency. There is no denying of the fact that indeed room and board can definitely come handy when it comes to finding a system that works for you, regardless of having shared-housing experience or having none whatsoever.

Room and Board Rates and Comparison for 2020 –

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