Tsinghua University Scholarships 2020

Tsinghua University, a major research university in Beijing, and currently a member of the C9 League of Chinese universities. Tsinghua was founded in 1911.

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Just shy of 40,000 students attend Tsinghua, with the population evenly split between Undergraduate and Graduate Students. The University was one of China’s first to open itself to international students. Now, approximately 4,000 students represent 110 countries around the world. The University offers courses in English for those unable to speak Chinese.

The College has 20 schools including Engineering, Law, Mathematical Sciences, Education, and more. Almost 80 areas of study are offered at Tsinghua. The campus is located on the old Qing royal gardens, and amidst much of the new architecture, Chinese landscaping remains. The University has managed over 200 student organizations, with FSAO organizing many events such as the New Years party, graduation parties and sports competitions. International students are encouraged to join the extracurriculars offered by the school. The Tsinghua University Library contains over 50,000 volumes.

The New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University was created in 2011, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the University. It’s assets, totaling over $5 billion, are managed by the Tsinghua University Education Foundation. The University’s annual budget is more than 70% of other Chinese Universities at $3 billion. These funds help finance the operating cost such as Tsinghua University Scholarships!

Tsinghua is a renowned university with many awards and nominations. Tsinghua alumni are one in the same, with 46 members of the Chinese Academy of Science, 34 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, many current and former members of the Chinese government, and many entrepreneurs. Approximately half of the 20,000 graduates work in Silicon Valley. Tsinghua Alumni organizations have been established all across the globe. This prestigious University provides an excellent education that allows graduates to succeed in their fields and further academic careers.

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